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The book small or large, is travel, history, tool, knowledge, joy and sorrow. Offering books, studying and "traveling" through them, expanding our horizons and acquire new sensory experiences. These experiences are an indicator of civilization and our cultural standards. To preserve, protect and maintain the knowledge in the "infinite time" created the art of bookbinding. The appearance of a book is often a harbinger of content and respect for the reader requires a taste of all. A careful and elaborate exterior and interior book always invite the relevant stakeholders in the sanctuary.

"Art has always been the weapon of man towards the material things which threatened to ruin the spirit."
(Andrei Tarkovsky)


Who we are

Panagiotis Stroumpis has a bindery since 1996 in Thessaloniki. It deals with the creative world of artistic bookbinding in his teens.

Among his clients are VIPs, distinguished professionals, and various lovers carefully prepared and elaborate look like a book. For your convenience, you can find on this page and at the company many samples of books created by himself and even to choose your own bookbinding and display your own books.


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